Entrepreneurs Enterprise Programme.

Lead and Learn Innovation strategy with two human brains working together as a business team to find solutions and answers to challenges showing gears and cogs with an innovative ligthbulb concept of new ideas.

The Entrepreneurs Enterprise programme is designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.  The programme is focused on the business owner and their business, to achieve fast sustainable growth, uniquely this programme is tailored to the busy entrepreneur’s needs in their journey as a time poor business owner. It will group the participant with similar size organisations, with similar business issues and challenges and allow them to learn and share experiences within carefully streamed peer groups, building powerful long term networks. It will also include the concept of cross boundary leadership, where selected participants will have onsite expert guidance from our partners senior management team.

The programme has been designed to create a platform for the entrepreneur to work on issues that are holding back the company’s growth progression. Run by the team at Business Propeller and one of the UK’s top Business School. This 6 month programme will have flexible access and a mentor that will guide and advise each of the company’s growth journey. Funded in part by a leading financial institution in partnership with one the UK’s top business schools,  will allow the cost of the Entrepreneurs Enterprise programme to be accessible to  startups through to SMEs. For further information on the format and content of this Enterprise Programme, please contact Noah: click to email Noah. n.smith@businesspropeller.org

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