Jorg Roth.

By Posted in - on March 3rd, 2016

A serial entrepreneur with a background in the creative industries.

Born and bred in Cologne Jorg began his career as a producer for RTL, German TV, before moving to London to be a freelance correspondent in 1995.
In 1998 he founded Bullseye TV, a production and distribution business that operated globally. Bullseye produced TV shows for the UK and US market and sold the rights worldwide. In 2007 the business got acquired by Sweden’s Zodiak AB and Jorg, for the first time in his life, found himself becoming a corporate beast and enjoying it. After another merger with an Italian-French business Jorg became COO Entertainment of a group of companies which now turned over €500m per annum.
Since leaving this post Jorg has started or helped to start four more businesses and one charity across a variety of sectors such as hospitality, digital marketing, design and healthcare and continues to look for opportunities to help small businesses with his main focus being B2C.

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